December 2019 Print

Annual Conference

And the Keynote Speaker is...

We are honored to announce that our headliner for the 2020 conference is none other than     REDACTED    ! But seriously, please visit to find out who it is.

We are really excited about this internationally renowned community development consultant. Not only are they giving a keynote address but they are also providing an incredible workshop. If you come prepared to be actively engaged in this session you won't leave empty handed.

The 2020 NC3C Annual Conference takes place in Greenville, April 29-May 1. Accomodations will be at Hilton Greenville. Stay tuned for info on the NC3C room block and more conference announcements.

NC3C Awards

Awards Season Opens Soon 

The entry period for the NC3C Excellence in Communication Awards begins on January 6 and closes at midnight on February 3. Submit your work via the NC3C Awards entry portal once the entry period is open. The fee to enter is $35 per entry during the early bird period. The fee goes up to $55 during the late entry period (the last week of the entry timeframe).

Some new categories this year include Audio (like a podcast or radio spot), digital resource (an app or digital tool), and best use of humor. Check out the full list of awards categories for all the details.

Membership Renewal

Don't Go! Renew Your NC3C Membership Today!

So a few months ago you might have gotten an email or two saying your memberhsip was expired. The automated email system was set to send an alert to members that their membership would expire in 90 days. For some reason it was also set to send that email again two weeks later.

Of course the content of the email made it seem as if you were already expired but that was not the case. All NC3C Memberships run on a calendar year and everyone's membership expires on December 31. So please consider this your official reminder to renew your membership for the 2020 calendar year!

Please accept our apologies for any confusion this may have caused and direct all your blame toward the Secretary.