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Professional Tip of the Month

Relationships: Our Lifeline of Support
In my job as Public Information Officer, I spend much of my time cultivating relationships. I believe a relationship requires more than just a casual acquaintance; it is taking the time to learn more about another person. I'm not talking about gossip. I'm talking about genuine interest in another person.

Relationships can make an organization stronger, but they often don't just happen between co-workers. We see each other during work shifts, then we "clock out" and begin our non-work life. Or we talk with a reporter during an interview, then dash back to write the next speech or prepare a presentation for an elected official. Real relationships, where we take the time to truly get to know someone, can be lifelines of support on the job, especially for those in communications. 

Paul, a water customer, didn't drive to Town Hall every month to pay his water bill because he didn't trust the postal service. He came to talk with Nancy, who always asked about his family and listened courteously to the many topics Paul wanted to share. Brittney, a local TV anchor, doesn't just report news in the Charlotte region, she drives to Mooresville and we talk about future story ideas, and share how we are both trying to balance this crazy 24/7 news cycle.

The better you know someone, the easier it is to think of something nice to say or offer a specific compliment. Compliments encourage others. Through kind words, we remind people of their value and talents.

The people around us create the environment in which we live, work and play. Take the time to get to know them. The relationships you gain will enhance your personal and professional life. Guaranteed!

Kim Sellers
Town of Mooresville

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NC3C 365 - Conference Tips All Year Long

All Right! Stop, Collaborate and Listen
Maybe Vanilla Ice was on to something: Collaboration. It’s one of those words we use all the time, but are we actually doing it? 

I’m always the first to say, “Yes! I’d love to work with you on that. Let’s make it happen.” And then the “work together” and “make it happen” parts start to happen, and I share my ideas and they don’t match up with what everyone one else is thinking. 

Have you been there before? It’s embarrassing to say it, but I know I have. From there it goes downhill – someone else has an idea that the team likes more than mine. Everything starts to move in a different direction than I anticipated. Then my ego creeps in and I start to get a little defensive. I want credit for the project idea and what I contributed even if it didn’t work out the way I expected it too. 

But collaboration isn’t about giving up your voice or your individuality – it’s the opposite. It’s about realizing YOUR potential and the potential for what you can accomplish as a TEAM – everyone’s ideas, input, passion and goals working together. 

I think back to our annual conference in April and the presentation about branding from Dana Kaminske (City of Hickory) and Amy McCauley and Paul Foster (Catawba County). They were able to bring three municipalities, the County, the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Corporation and the Convention and Visitors Bureau together to develop a brand platform that represents them and the community they all serve. All of these different organizations have a unique identity – but bringing all of them together to pursue their goal of a amplifying the story of who they are as a community and inspiring people to join them was a true collaborative effort.

Working together to share advertising dollars, develop consistent and complementary messaging, and share stories from their community has helped them continue to evolve their identity as a larger community and provided a greater platform to share what makes them each so special.
Moral of the story, no matter how good you are at what you do, you can elevate it even more by collaborating with all the other people who are really good at what they do.

Maybe what Vanilla Ice meant to say was – “If there’s a problem, yo, WE’LL solve it.” 

Rebecca Carter
Mecklenburg County

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NC3C Excellence in Communication Awards

NC3C Awards Season Opens January 2, 2019
"We should have applied for that. We could have won."
Sound Familiar?

NC3C will begin accepting 2019 Excellence in Communications Awards entries January 2, 2019. So ask yourself: why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? You know waiting until January to assemble your entries will be a BIG mistake, because you’ll be swamped with the work you avoided during the holidays. You may forgo the effort needed to make your entries shine, or you’ll skip them altogether because you’re just too busy… and those familiar words will be echoing in your head come April.

Pro Tip: Spare yourself the agony of regret. Draft your applications and gather all your materials for submission ahead of time. Same categories as 2018. Same requirements as 2018. Same criteria as 2018. And the best part? You can see exactly what it took to win last year at the award winners page.

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Calendar of Events

NC3C Annual Conference - Durham - April 10-12
Join us in the Bull City for informative sessions, networking with other local and county government communicators which includes communications managers, television professionals, webmasters, graphic designers, stormwater educators, and public safety PIOs.

Accomodations will be at Aloft Durham Downtown which is adjacent to the DPAC and the conference itself is a short walk away at the Durham Marriott City Center. Dates are Wednesday, April 10 through Friday, April 12. Main conference activities are Thursday and Friday. Some preconference sessions/activities will be offered Wednesday like a new member meet and greet lunch with the board.

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President's Report

Hello NC3Cers!
As we near the holidays, our board would like to wish each of you a special holiday season, full of joy and blessings! I hope you get to spend time with family and friends, in between the tree lightings, light up the towns, parades, and all that we do to make this time of year special for our communities.

We want to keep you connected to your counterparts across the state throughout the whole year.  If your city wants to host a regional, please email Kristin Bunton ( and Mark Andrews ( Also, we want your input on annual conference topics. Be thinking about this over the next few weeks. Send any burning thoughts and ideas to Kristin and Mark, as well.

Also, I hope you are enjoying the professional tips that our board has been sharing in our enewsletters. This is just another way to stay connected and learn something that someone else might be doing to help us do our jobs even better.  Don’t forget, if you have helpful tips to share, please send them to Kevin Reopelle and maybe yours will appear in one of our future enewsletters.

I hope to see you at our Regionals this fall and winter and definitely at our annual conference in April. We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a Newcomers Welcome Lunch on Wednesday of our conference this year. More information to come on that, but tell a friend about NC3C and our annual conference and let them know we want to connect with them!

Stay connected to for the latest updates all year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dana Kaminske
2018-2019 NC3C President
Communications & Marketing Manager, City of Hickory

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